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A Video Interview, Kindred Media, December 2014

Understanding The Works Of Joseph Chilton Pearce

An Interview With Michael Mendizza, Kindred Media, June 2012

Magical Child, A Book Review

By Meryn Callander, Kindred Media, August 2014

Amazing Capacities and Self-Inflicted Limitations

A Discussion with Michael Mendizza, 1994

An  Interview With Joseph Chilton Pearce

By Chris Mercogliano and Kim Debus, Journal of Family Life, 1999

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Violence As Shame

An Essay featured on Touch the Future

Play, Learning Or Conditioning?

An Essay featured on Touch the Future

We Are Unlimited Potential: A Talk With Joseph Chilton Pearce

By Charles Eisenstein, in Reality Sandwich, November 2012

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The Awakening Of Intelligence

From the Video Series, Reaching Beyond Magical Child, 1994

A Crack In The Cosmic Egg, Video Interview

By What If It Really Works, 2011

Joseph Chilton Pearce On Language Development, Storytelling And Imagination

By Joseph Chilton Pearce, Kindred Media, October 2013

Still Reaching Beyond Magical Child Joseph Chilton Pearce Turns 90

By Michael Mendizza, Touch the Future, January 14, 2016

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A Touch the Future Dialogue and Essay, 1993

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Magical Child, An Excerpt

With Introduction by Anna Jahns, Kindred Media, April 2007